Monday, 17 May 2010

The Death of Little Ronnie - The Devil Horns guy.

Although my first ever gig was a show by Hot Chocolate in Paignton in about 1974 whilst on holiday with my mummy and daddy, my "proper" gig-going never began in earnest until about 1979/1980. And by this time I was - or so I thought - too late to see the mighty Black Sabbath with original "V-sign" flashing singer Ozzy Osbourne. The first time I got to see The Sabs was at Hammersmith Odeon in 1980. By this time they had taken on Ronnie James Dio as lead singer. Which was fine. Wasn't Ozzy. But fine.

So, there I am at Hammersmith, and the little fella comes on and starts doing this strange thing with his hands. Two fingers extended in a representation of a devil's head. Never thought that much of it at the time really. Just thought it was a different thing to do than the Ozzy-style "peace" sign. Wondered what on Earth he was doing if the truth be known.

Ronnie certainly had a lot to answer for

So now, 30 years later almost to the day, and Ronnie James Dio is dead at 67 years of age. My dad died at 67 too - so I guess if we're talking of dying young it's more of a "dead dad" age to die than a "dead rock star" age. But it's a tragedy just the same. And all over the World there will be people ranging from spotty, greasy-haired teenagers with pierced eyebrows right through to leaders of major World Superpowers flashing this same sign at each other, possibly with tongue extended, and completely unaware that it was little Ron who started all that.


  1. Well, I never knew that. Your blog is so educational.

    Apparently the second stage at Download is now to be named the Ronnie James Deo Stage. Isn't that nice.

  2. There's nothing I don't know about late 70s and early 80s heavy metal you know!